Exclusive deals for members

As part of the day-to-day interactions of GISPA with stakeholders and investors, there are possibilities of business prospects for members. Being a Member, therefore affords the opportunity of benefiting from such exclusive deals with local and international businesses and services.

Involvement in shaping public policy and advocacy

As a trade organization, our interest is to ensure that we influence policies that are made to regulate the Internet industry in Ghana. GISPA presents a unique opportunity of actively engaging policy makers in the view of shaping public discourse and policy direction of the industry.

Discounted rates for joining the GIX

The Ghana Internet Exchange is overseen by GISPA. By virtue of this, GISPA members get the exclusive opportunity of enjoying discounted rates in connecting to the exchange.

Free entry at GISPA events

GISPA organizes regular events, many of which require accreditation and subscription. By virtue of being a member, you enjoy some level of waivers and access.

Technical expertise, networking and cross learning

Technology is ever evolving. GISPA presents the platform of meeting experts who share knowledge on their operations. Such opportunity is relevant for our members in improving service delivery and meeting customer needs.

Benefit from industry news and research

One of the mandates of GISPA is to conduct industry research which could be used to influence policy and for business pitching. Findings of such studies are highly priced and valued for business growth. These findings are available for members to access freely.